Get a Job.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Get a Job.

Summer has proven itself to be quite busy here at DeOlivera Twigg Garfias Creative. For our team, this means a lot of late nights at the office, ordering pizza from Patsy's, turning up the music and rolling up our sleeves. We're not complaining- we love what we do, regardless of how many hours it takes to get it done.

This summer also marks the departure of our beloved designer, Tiffani Sahara, who is leaving Colorado to be closer to her family. While we are going to miss her cheery personality, fitness tips and unparalleled preparedness (she literally has everything one could possibly need), we know that she will be a wonderful addition to the Oklahoma creative scene.

That said, we have started the search for DTGC's newest junior graphic designer. Although there are plenty of talented people out there, we're looking for someone who is just as passionate about design as we are (and that's a lot). For more information on job opportunities with our team, visit our Careers page.

Stay tuned for more project updates and other DTGC happenings, coming soon.

Posted by DTG Creative about 8 years ago.